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1695- At a vestry hold at ye house of Mr. James Moss in ye behalf of St. Peter’s parish octob’r ye 10, 1695.
To Mary Gibson upon acc’t drawn by ye Church wardens  208
At a vestry hold at ye house of Mr. James Moss in ye behalf of St. Peter’s parish octob’r ye 10, 1695.
To Thomas Gibson for keeping a bastard child a year and a half  1500
To Tho. Gibson for keeping a Bastard Child 10 months & a half 850

28-Jan-1733 150a in Hanover on both sides the S Anna Pt 0. hickory & several oak saplings in John Ragland's line | Ln s35w; 76p; John Ragland's line | Pt 1. Anna River | Ln s35w; 16p; John Ragland's line | Pt 2. Ragland's corner sweet gum in Clark's line | Ln s58e; 176p; Clark's line | Pt 3. Gibson's corner red oak in Clark's line | Ln n36e; 50p; Gilbert Gibsons line | Pt 4. Anna River | Ln n36e; 116p; Gilbert Gibson's line | Pt 5. oak sapling & pine in Gilbert Gibson's line | Ln n80w; 196p; |

7 Nov. 1734
 I Thomas Gibson Senior of St. Martins Par., Hanover Co.
Sick and weak but of sound mind and memory do make this my Last will and Testament. I recommend my soul to the hand of Almighty God and my body to the earth. After all my debts and funeral charges are paid I give to my loving son Thomas Gibson 50 a. of land; to my well beloved son John Gibson 50 a. of land; to be well beloved daughter Nice? Nicks wife of Edward Nicks, Frances Humdrey and Mary Brook one Shilling each; to my well beloved son Edward Nicks awhom I do hereby constitute sole Exor. of this my will and Testament my house likewise my stock of hogs and cattle together with all my Estate goods and Chattels moveable and unmovable to enable c. I do hereby utterly revoke and make void all former wills made by me.
Thomas (+) Gibson Wit: Isaac (x) Johnson, James (x) Phillips, G. Gillingham, School Mstr. 7 Nov. 1734 proved by oaths of the witnesses.
REF: Hanover Co., VA Court Records, 1733-1735

28-Dec-1736 320a on both sides Lickinghole Creek -Grantee: Dumas, Jeremiah
Pt 0. Gibsons corner pine | Ln n41w; 100p; Gibsons line | Pt 1. Creek | Ln n41w; 200p; Gibsons line | Pt 2. Creek | Ln n41w; 106p; Gibsons line | Pt 3. | Ln n56e; 32p; | Pt 4. | Ln s76e; 334p; | Pt 5. in a valley | Ln s18w; 80p; | Pt 6. corner pine | Ln s18w; 184p; |

1740  Elizabeth Gibson born Hanover County - married Nicholas Gentry one of early settters of Nashville

743-4 A Merchant's Account Book: Hanover County, 1743-44
Michael Gowing Jr. David Gowing, Edward Gowing,  Michael Gowing Sr., Thomas Gibson, Gilbert Gibson
Magazine of Virginia History
1743 Thomas Gibson land entry on Pamunkey River.

1745 May 28, - Louisa Co. VA
"Ordered that William Hall, Samuel Collins, Thomas Collins, William Collins, Samuel Bunch, George Gibson, Benjamin Branham, Thomas Gibson, and William Donathan be summoned to appear at the next Court to answer the presentment of the Grand jury this day made against them for concealing tithables within twelve months past."
…pled not guilty

1747  Charles Gibson born in Louisa County  (Moved to Hancock County, Tennessee)

1747 Louisa Co VA: Thomas Collins sold 186 acres on Turkey Creek on the south side of the Southanna River to John Powell..the land lies near Gilbert Gibson, Thomas Gibson and Sam Bunch land

1747  November 6 John Gibson 135 acres north side of Smiths -or Irwin River

1747 Thomas Gibson and wife Mary sell land on Pamunkey River, Louisa County Virginia.

August 8, 1749 Book: A, Page: 372, Grantor: Thomas Gibson (Alias Wilburn) and Mary, his wife, Grantee: Thomas Moreman

Thomas Gibson (Alias Wilburn) and Mary, his wife to Thomas Moreman, both of Louisa co., Fredericksville Par, #100 currt. money. 134 acres on south fork of Pamunkey in Fredericksville Par....line of James Johnson and Francis Smithson and Thomas Moreman and George Holland and Gilbert Gibson. Sig. Thomas Gibson (T), Mary Gibson (+) Wit. James Lasley, Fr. Smithson, James Buchanan, George Holland

1750 Thomas Gibson is on the tax list of Granville County, North Carolina, land on Flat River. 

1750 Tax list Thomas Gibson paid tax for Charles and Major Gibson

1750 - 1860 Mortality Schedule for Macon County NC, Nathan Gibson, 90, farmer, male, mulatto, married, free, born Burke County, died Jauary 1860, cause was accidental by falling; ill 8 weeks.

1751 Granville Co NC [became Orange in 1753] Thomas Gibson received 640 acres on the south side of Flatt River joining John Collins on the "Rocky Branch" He later sells part of this land to Joel Gibson in 1770.

1751 Tax List Thomas Gibson paid tax for Major and George  Charles Gibson paid his own tax

1751 Granville County, North Carolina

List of Tythables on Dan River for the Year 1751
Mr Nathnll Guest
Christopher & Negor Jo 3
John Gibson
Edward Nicks (Edward Nix/Nicks) is son in law of Thomas Gibson d. 1734
John Gibson 2
(Dan River - Rises in Patrick County, Virginia, and flows southeast into Stokes County, North Carolina. it flows southeast and northeast into Rockingham County and back into Virginia. It then dips back into North Carolina in Caswell County near the Rockingham County line and again farther east after which it flows northeast into Virginia and into Kerr Reservoir on the Roanoke River.)

May 2, 1752  Thomas Gibson of __________ to John Bridges of ________________ Co. _______ Deed dated Feb. 10 1770 ___/___ unrecorded or lost Orange Co. deed £ ____ _____ acres on the south side of Flat River near the mouth of Deep Creek, adj. John Carrington, part of a grant from Earl Granville to Thomas Gibson dated May 2, 1752. Signed: _________ Wit: _______, _______. ?Proven in Orange Co. court, Feb.-May, 1770 ?. (Sold by John to Thomas Bridges May 25, 1770)

1752 Grandville Co NC: Thomas Collins received a land grant on the Flatt River on Dials Creek. Witnesses were Paul Collins, George Gibson and Moses Riddle.

1752 Thomas Gibson land on Flatt River, Joseph Collins land on Flatt River, William Bolen, Thomas Collins, and Moses Riddle lost their improvements to John Brown's survey.

1755 Orange Co NC tax list, Flat River, Thomas Gibson and his sons Charles and Mager Gibson  Gedion Bunch, Micajer Bunch, Thomas Collins, Samuel Collins, John Collins, Moses and Mary Ridley 

1755 Orange County, North Carolina, tax list

Thomas Gibson     3 tithes (mulatto)
Charles Gibson     1 tithe   (mulatto)
George Gibson     1 tithe   (mulatto)
Mager Gibson     1 tithe    (mulatto)

13 Feb 1756 Granville to William Combs of Orange, planter, ten shillings, 385 acres, on the west side of Flatt River, begin at a white oak in Thomas GIBSON'S line, S 27 ch to a red oak in Joseph COLLINS' line, W 41 1/2 ch. to a hickory Joseph COLLINS' corner, S 15 ch to a red oak in John WADE'S line, W 45 ch. to a white oak along WADES' line, N 60 ch to a hickory, E 46 1/2 ch to a white oak in Thomas GIBSON'S line S 18 ch to a hickory his corner E 40 ch to the first station; signed GRANVILLE by Francis CORBIN wit. W. CHURTON, Richard VIGERS; proved by CHURTON June Term 1756. [Ed. note; see NC Patent Book 14: 246 and SS, LG 94-C] (Extracted from ORANGE COUNTY RECORDS, VOL. 11, DEED BOOKS 1 & 2 ABSTRACTS, by William D. Bennett, p. 199, by Hogan Researcher Louise Overton)

Boundary Lines For The Part Of Orange County That Became Person County.
File # C.R. 073.928.18 Orange County Records in the N.C. State Archives.

St. James District.....

The fourteenth district begins at Granville line running west including
Widow PARKER ............ Thence east including Thomas GIBSON crossing Flat River just above George
GIBSONS (him not included) by Arthur MANGUM (him not included) to Granville
line where it crosses the Nop of Reed. (Knap of Reeds)

16-Aug-1756 566a on both sides of Gilbert Gibsons Mill Creek and Lickinghole Creek -
Grantee: Dumas, Jeremiah
Pt 0. Gibson's corner pine | Ln n44w; 100p; Gilbert Gibson line | Pt 1. Mill Creek | Ln n44w; 160p; | Pt 2. Gibson's corner white oak | Ln n56w; 20p; | Pt 3. Creek | Ln n56w; 70p; | Pt 4. hickory sapling in Gibsons line | Ln n15e; 156p; new line | Pt 5. | Ln n54e; 33p; | Pt 6. | Ln n57w; 16p; | Pt 7. sapling | Ln n9w; 44p; | Pt 8. of Lickinghole | Ln n9w; 150p; | Pt 9. branch of Lickinghole | Ln n9w; 70p; | Pt 10. pine | Ln s49e; 186p; | Pt 11. Creek | Ln s49e; 32p; | Pt 12. | Ln s16w; 20p; | Pt 13. | Ln s16w; 156p; | Pt 14. | Ln s57e; 212p; | Pt 15. Creek | Ln s57e; 26p; | Pt 16. stake in a valley | Ln s18w; 80p; | Pt 17. Gibson's corner pine | Ln s18w; 176p; |

 16-Aug-1756 - 400a on both sides of Lickinghole Creek -
Book: VAPB 33:119 , Grantee: Anderson, David
Pt 0. pointers in Thomas Gibsons line | Ln n45w; 291p; | Pt 1. pine | Ln s45w; 220p; crossing the West Fork of Lickinghole Creek | Pt 2. pine | Ln s45e; 291p; crossing the Main of Lickinghole Creek | Pt 3. pine | Ln n45e; 52p; | Pt 4. Gibsons corner pine | Ln n45e; 168p; Thomas Gibson |

23-May-1757 - David Anderson and Elizabeth, his wife, of Hanover Co. to Benjamin Bibb of Louisa Co. £40 for 400 acres on both sides of Lickinghole Creek granted by patent 16 Aug 1756 to sd. Anderson ...Thomas Gibson's line ...crossing west fork of Lickinghole Creek ... crossing the Main fork of Licking Hole Creek. Sig. David Anderson and Elizabeth Anderson . Wit. William Gooch, William Landrum, William Anderson. Ack. 24 May 1757 by David Anderson.

8 March 1760 - Land Grant - Lord Granville to William Wharton. Warrent dated 8 March 1760 to William Churton to survey 640 acres in Orange Co on both sides of Deep Creek (which is) the waters of the Flat River, joining Thomas Gibson - including the Plantation where Thomas Colting[Collins?]  now lives. Grant issued 2 February 1761.

1760 -  Land Grant - Lord Granville to William Wharton. Plat dated 21 June 1760; 190 acres in Orange Co on both sides of Deep Creek, joining Jon Dunagin and Thos Gibson.

 16 Sept 1760 John Gibson in Orange County - d. 14 May 1844 in Lincoln Co.,Tennessee. He m. April 1784 Rockingham Co., North Carolina to Margaret Joyce, dau of Alexander Joyce & Jane Hamilton

October 13, 1762  Valentine Gibson and John Harris Joint Survey 186 404 ac north fork of Cascade Creek.

1763 Feb 7 Thomas Moreman and Rachel of Trinity Parish Louisa Co to John Matlock of same 80

pounds current money; 134 acre Thomas Moremans and David Anderson corner near the river running along

Andersons line to Benjamin Johnson’s line thence to James Johnson’s line   …Gilbert Gibson’s line

August 1763 P. 27 438-(254) George Gibson of Orange Co. to Thos. Lowe of Northampton Co. £200 VA. The sale of negroes Phillis & Joe, 3 horses, 2 mares, furniture, household goods, livestock, all his part of the estate of Mrs. Sarah Lowe dec’d now in possession of William & James Lowe, etc. George Gibson. Wit: W.U. Davis, Thos. Haykles, Francis Davis. Aug Ct 1763. CC: H. Edwards [The Deeds of Northampton Co., NC 1759-1774, abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., Bk 3.] 

15 November 1763  Thomas Gibson, born in Randolph County, North Carolina - volunteered in Guilford County and served for two years. He was allowed a pension while a resident of Randolph County. He died 15 October 1850

5 June 1765   Halifax County  Grantee(s): Harris, John and Gibson, Valentine.   404 acres on both sides of Casade Creek adjoining George Russells land.   Land Office Patents No. 36, 1764-1767 (v.1 & 2 p.557-1083), p. 728 (Reel 36). 

19 September 1766  On 22 June 1765  Pittsylvania County patent book, Lambeth Dodson  patented 400 acres on the main fork of Mayo River which he transferred to George Gibson on 19 September 1766

February of 1767  George Russell was appointed Surveyor of the road from Cascade Creek to the Old Road in Halifax County, and as one of the male tithables in the county Valentine Gibson was ordered to "clear and keep the said road in repair, according to law"  (Virginia Court Orders)

Feb. 10 1770 Thomas Gibson of __________ to John Bridges of ________________ Co. _______ Deed dated Feb. 10 1770 ___/___ unrecorded or lost Orange Co. deed £ ____ _____ acres on the south side of Flat River near the mouth of Deep Creek, adj. John Carrington, part of a grant from Earl Granville to Thomas Gibson dated May 2, 1752. Signed: _________ Wit: _______, _______. ?Proven in Orange Co. court, Feb.-May, 1770 ?. (Sold by John to Thomas Bridges May 25, 1770)

February 10th 1770 John Bridges and wife Elizabeth of Orange Co. N.C to Thomas Bridges of Bute Co., N.C. Deed dated May 25, 1770 3/401-402 Orange Co. £ 150 "two tracts of land lying & being on the south side of Flat River near the mouth of Deep Creek, the one part being part of the tract of land conveyed to Thomas Gibson by Earl Granville's deed bearing date May the 2nd in the year 1752 & from sd Gibson to John Bridges by deed dated February 10th 1770 bounded by Flat River in the County afores'd on the one side & by the back line of the said land of the other side, the other part being the land conveyed to John Bridges by John Carrington by deed bearing date May 24th 1770 & to the sd Carrington by Earl Granville deed bearing date June the 7th in the year 1761 - bounded by Flat River Afs'd & by the backline of the aforesaid tract of land lying adjoining each other containing in the whole by estimation one hundred acres". Signed: John (his "S" mark) Bridges. Wit: James Bridges, Jno. (his "X" mark) Carrington. Proven by oath of James Bridges on September 25, 1771. Recorded by Richard Henderson.

26 May 1770  George Gibson  purchased 150 acres on the west side of Flat River in Orange County from  Thomas Gibson.

1770 -Thomas Gibson to James Williams land on the Flatt River.
Signed Thomas Gibson (his "T"mark), (Orange Co., N.C.. Deed Book 3, page 468.)

21 Mar 1771 Road Order: George Combs appointed Surveyor of the Road leading from Boyd’s Road to Roberts’ Road...ordered that he, with male tithables belonging to Moses Hendrick, William Echols, Sr., John Anderson, Mead Anderson,
Shadrach Gowing, Harry Hereford, John Chapman, John Hood, Nipper Adams, *William Donathan, Thomas Spencer, William Mays, Nathan Sullins, Charles Henderson, George Wood, George Stubblefield, Daniel Easely, Stephen Easely, Joshua Adams, Thomas Lovelace, Samuel Wilson, George Brown, Champ Gibson, and William Chandler, do forthwith lay open and
clear the said Road, and they then return to their former road. (Halifax County, VA, Court Orders, 7:80) (*See May 28, 1745 William Donathon)

1771    Surry County, North Carolina Tax Lists  (alpha)
Jacob Gibson
William Gibson
Humphrey Gibson 1
Valentine Gibson 3
James Shepherd 1

1772 June  George Gibson of Crooked Creek  made application to raise a dam for grist mill in Pittsylvania County

1774 Surry County North Carolina Tax List

Capt Martin Armstrong's district - Joel Gibson 1 William Gibson 1
          Capt John Deatherage district - Valentine Gibson, son James, son Garret 3

  05-Jul-1774- 700a in Louisa on both sides of Gibson's and Little Creeks Pt 0. corner pine in Francis Smithson's line | Ln s69w; 92p; Francis Smithson's line | Pt 1. Smithson's corner pine in Gilbert Gibson's line | Ln n60w; 218p; Gilbert Gibson's line | Pt 2. Gibson's pine in Dumas's line | Ln n18e; 72p; Dumas | Pt 3. corner stake in a valley between two pines | Ln n89e; 33p; | Pt 4. corner shrubby white oak | Ln n40e; 72p; Donathan's line | Pt 5. corner pine | Ln n6w; 162p; Donathan's line | Pt 6. corner pine | Ln n33w; 54p; Donathan's line | Pt 7. pine in Donathan's line | Ln n27e; 84p; | Pt 8. pine | Ln n9e; 160p; | Pt 9. Gibson's corner pine | Ln s45e; 107p; | Pt 10. white oak on the upper side Gibbey's Creek | Ln n72e; 90p; | Pt 11. Stanley's corner pine in Thomas Gibson's line

1775  Tax List

5 November 1775  George Gibson Orange County will was proved in May 1776 (WB A:195)  He named his wife Mary. Mentioned but did not name his ''Sons and Daughters now living in the County" and provided for the schooling of his unnamed younger children. Joel Gibson and Lucrecy Collons were witnesses;  Sherwood Parrish and Thomas Gibson, Sr.,  executors.

1778 tax list of the area of Wilkes County that became Ashe in 1778 -- David Gibson

1779, John CARAGAN & William GIBSON of Orange to Joseph MOORE, four hundred pounds, 100 acres, on
E side of Eno, begin at a white oak on a branch William COURTNEY's line, W with his line 39 ch. to a red oak on
Turner's line, S 30 ch. to a maple on Eno, N10E 13 ch. down the branch to a walnut, N45W to a bent run, N 6 ch.
to another bent, S70? 14 ch. to a sassafras on Fullers Br., up branch to first station, Caragan purchased from Thos H.
Hall 19 December 1777; signed John (O) CARAGAN, William (S) GIBSON; witness: William (blank)tney; proved by William
COURTNEY November Term 1779.

November Term 1779 p.79, (no day or month) 1779, John CARAGAN & William GIBSON of Orange to Joseph MOORE, four hundred pounds, 100 acres, on E side of Eno, begin at a white oak on a branch William COURTNEY's line, W with his line 39 ch. to a red oak on Turner's line, S 30 ch. to a maple on Eno, N10E 13 ch. down the branch to a walnut, N45W to a bent run, N 6 ch. to another bent, S70? 14 ch. to a sassafras on Fullers Br., up branch to first station, Caragan purchased from Thos H. Hall 19 December 1777; signed John (O) CARAGAN, William (S) GIBSON; witness: William (blank)tney; proved by William COURTNEY

June 09, 1779 Sabra Gibson married Josiah Badger in Wilkes County -Bondsman: Stephen Harris; John Alexanderr
Witness: Wm Lenoir -- Josiah and Sabra later moved to Mercer County, Kentucky. (Possibly sister of David, Armon and William Gibson from Burke County to Fishers Creek (Fishing Creek) area of Wilkes County)

10 June 1779 Lambeth entered 228 acres on Guilford County, North Carolina on 9 January 1779.  It was surveyed 10 June 1779 by Joshua Smith, with William Kellam and Joel Gibson acting as chain carriers  The grant was issued 1 March 1780, 228 acres below and in the fork of Mayo River, beginning at a poplar on the south bank of the North Fork of Mayo in the Virginia line, adjoining Joel Gibson and Philip Angling, and including the improvements of Thomas Gibson and Esaw Dodson.

January 1780 HENRY COUNTY, VIRGINIA Will Book ? pp30-31 Dated 3 January 1780 Probated 23 March 1780 To my loving wife Marey Gibson and my daughter Cuzziah Gibson my whole estate
Zackeriah King, Joel Gibson and Lambert Dotson executors.
Thomas (x) Gibson
wit: Charles (x) More, Joseph (x) Nicols, William (x) More. 23 March 1780. Exhibited by Joel Gibson who gave bond with Lambeth Dodson and Champain Gibson as his securities.

April 25, 1780  Gibson, John - arrived with the Donelson flotilla, ; Signer of the Cumberland Compact, May 1780 (Unclear yet as to which John Gibson this was -- both killed by Indians, one (husband of Agnes Adair) in 1790 and the other in 1791)

9 June 1780  
Thomas Gibson made a land entry on 9 June 1780 on Cranberry Path in Wilkes Co., N.C. This land was near the South Fork of New River in present day Ashe Co., N.C., entry # 1858 (Wilkes County, North Carolina, Land Entry Book 1778-1781)

1780  Affidavit by Joseph Collins was included in Selethiah Martin wife's application "Was a small boy in 1780 when Captain Martin came to the New River in Virginia and captured a group of Tories camped at a Rock House on the river, two of those captured escaped the next night: David Gibson and Lewis Collins, I am intimately acquainted with both men and have heard them tell how they made their escape.

1 Mar 1780  James BRISON 400 acres n the S side of Mayo River joining the sd River below the Mouth of Buffaloe Creek, both sides of [several] branches, and both sides of the sd Creek Opposite land of Joel Gibson and Andrew Gibson.
GRANT BOOK 33 2841 page 453

1 March 1780, 228 acres below and in the fork of Mayo River, beginning at a poplar on the south bank of the North Fork of Mayo in the Virginia line, adjoining Joel Gibson and Philip Angling, and including the improvements of Thomas Gibson and Esaw Dodson

April 27, 1780; Thomas Gibson (inventory) appraised by Phillip Anglin, Danl. Goldsby, Lambeth Dodson; returned July 27, 1780.

1780 Joel Gibson was in Wilkes Co North Carolina on the New River where he and Thomas made land entries in 1780.

1782 -1778  Thomas Gibson was on Obeds Creek and George Gibson was on South Fork of New River
Abstracts of Upper New River Valley Land Grants From Wilkes County Records 1778 - 1783 - Wilkes County Deed Book 1

January 23, 1782  Surry County, North Carolina   Hannah Gibson married by Micajah Clarke to  Samuel Jackson

1782  Tax List   Montgomery County  Virginia was formed from Fincastle in 1777  David Gibson

1784 Surry Coounty, North Carolina (land and tithes)

Capt. Goins district

Valentine Gibson 150 1
John Gibson 0 1
James Gibson 200 1
Garrot Gibson 0 1

Joseph Goin 200 1

Barnabas Rowark 100 1
Elisha Rowark 200 1
Timothy Roark 0 1

1784  Martin Gibson born about 1776 in Orange Co, North Carolina, bound to James Carrington in 1784 along with sisters Dicey and Susannah. Resided in  Wilkes Co, North Carolina  for a time before settling in Floyd (Perry)  Co, Kentucky.

1785 Surry County, North Carolina Tax List

Capt Gains district (Goins)

James Gibson 200 1
Archelaus Gibson 0 1
John Gibson 0 1
Garrett Gibson 0 1
Valentine Gibson 150 1

Dec 26, 1785  Bill of sale  - ( Fort Nashboro - Nashvillle)
John Gibson of Davidson Co., NC (Tenn) sold to Lardner Clark of same four negroes; Pleasant, Juda, Jim and Achilles ( See 1775 Surry County Tax for John Gibson -- His heirs sold his land in 1790 on Blooming Creek [Tennessee County at the time; then Montgomery Co]  -- this is not the same John Gibson killed by Indians near Mayfield Station on

May 16, 1787 Book D:326   ANGLEN [ANGLIN], Phillip  Grant  189 acres

The State of North Carolina  No. 1382
To all To whom these Presents Shall come Greeting Know Ye That We for and in consideration of the sum of Fifty Shillings
for every hundred acres hereby granted paid into our Treasury by Phillip ANGLEN have given & granted & by these presents do give and grant unto the said Phillip ANGLEN a Tract of land one Hundred & Eighty Nine acres lying & being in the County of Guilford Situate on the North Side of Mayo River  Begining at a black oak on the riverbank in the Virginia line,
then East on the Virginia line crossing fall Creek One hundred & Eighty Six poles to William KELLUMS corner black oak, Thence South on KELLAMS line crossing two branches one hundred & forty eight poles to Joel [?] GIBSONS White oak Corner, Thence West on GIBSONS line Two hundred & twenty four poles to a black oak on the bank of the river, thence up the river as it meanders to opposite side thereof belonging to Sam ___ DOTSON  to the first Station.  As by the plat hereunto annexed doth appear together with all Woods Waters Mines Minerals Hereditaments & appurtenances to the said land belonging & appertaining To hold to the said Philip ANGLEN his heirs and assigns forever. Yielding and paying to
us Such Sums of Money Yearly or otherwise to our General Assembly from time to time may Direct Provided Always that the said Philip ANGLEN Shall cause this Grant to be registered in the Registers Office of our said County of Guilford within twelve months from the Date hereof otherwise the Same Shall be void & of no Effect.

For Testimony whereof we have caused these our letters to be made Patent and our Great Seal to be hereunto affixed Witness Richard CASWELL Esquire our Governor Captain General & Commander in Chief at __inston the 16th Day of May in the Eleventh Year of our Independence & in the Year of our Lord one thousand Seven Hundred & Eighty Seven.
By His Excellys Comd
___. GLASGOW Secretary              Rd CASWELL

Apr 1790  Wilkes County, North Carolina

State vs Vardy Collins, sec. David Smith, continued from Oct 1789.
Apr 1790 State vs Jordan Gibson, sec. David Smith.
Jan 1791 Vardy Collins and Jordan Gibson failed to appear
Apr 1791 David Smith delivered Vardy Collins and Jordan Gibson to court

June 14, 1791  killed by Indians near Nashville - researchers have this John as husband of Agnes Adair, daughter of the author and Indian trader but the John killed by Indians in 1791 had only been married for a month to the widow Margaret Mayfield.  See John died in 1790

1793 Dec 2 - Stokes Co.,NC - Valentine Gibson to William Boyles 190:10:0 for 100 ac part 250 ac made by Joseph Tate, decd. N. side Dan River. JESSE (X) STANLEY and Jonathan Harrold. Signed Valentine (X) Gibson. 160

5 Jun 1793 James Gibson -   Russell County  44 a. On the waters of Cedar Creek adjoining James Sergeant and Aaron Vanhook & c. Grants No. 25, p. 109

20 Apr 1794 WILLIAM ADKINS JUN. of Caswell to John Gibson of same, for 50 lbs., 50 acres on south fork Moon's Creek (
Rises in the west and flows northeast into Dan River) adj. Gibson, Hudson, William Page. 20 Apr 1794. Wts: Jno. Somers, Jas Somers, Jas Lanman  DB H:336

2 Oct 1794  there was a deed from Valentine Gibson to Matthew Moore 63 pounds.  Said Gibson indebted to Matthew Moore as security for his son James Gibson where he now lives.  Wit Joel Halbert, Edwd Moore."

November 30, 1796  Land "formerly  owned by  James  Goins  adjoining  Valentine Gibson" was mentioned in a deed written
by William Boyls of Stokes County, North Carolina, according to Stokes County Deed Book 2, page 358.

11 Aug 1800 Shephard Gibson entered 100 acres, beginning near the mouth of a "dreen" that makes into "Baire" Creek (Bear?) and runs up said creek.
11 Aug 1800 Shephard Gibson entered 50 acres beginning near Georg. Miller's lower line and runs down s. fork of New River

21 Aug 1800 Volintin Collins entered 50 acres in Ashe Co on "Brushe" Creek, beginning on Joel Gibson'slower line and running down both sides of the creek.

1800 - Joel, Archibald and Andrew Gibson listed as
Slave Holders - Antebellum New River Valley - Ashe County

19 Aug 1805 Julius Gibson (son of John and Mary Duncan Gibson ) of Pendleton County, South Carolina gives power of attorney to Peter Smith to receive and recover from Joel Gibson of Pittsylvania Co. Virginia. and his sureties in Caswell County.  .  Wit:  Robt. West

1812 This Indenture made the fifth day of May int the year of our Lord 1812, betwen Saml Ewing attorney for Hugh Mc Clung of the one part, and Keziah Weland of the other part both of the county of Russell and State of Virginia Witnesseth That the said Saml. Ewing atty for Hugh McClung for and in consideration fo the sum of fifteen dollars lawful money of the United States to him in hand paid the reciept whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained and sold, and by these presents doth grant bargain and sell unto the aforesaid Keziah Weland and her heirs forever, a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the county of Russell on the waters of Cooper Creek including a Spring called the Pound Spring and bounded as fowlloweth to wit: Beginning on a white oak about ten poles east of the pound spring thence s45degree W.46 poles to a White oak Nathan Mullets corner, thence s 20 degree W 14 poles to a black gum thence s 5 degree E 16 poles to a large white oak. N. 6 0 degree W 20 poles to a chesnut N. 70 degree W.10 poles to a small poplar N 40 W 20poles to two poplars near the age of a sink hole thence N. 40 degree E 36 poles to a white oak thence whith a straight line to the Beginning containing fifteen acres be the same less or more. But it is to be name that there is fifteen acres excluded out of this deed for which I have already made a deed for to John Gibson dated the 7th day of November 1809. With all the appretenances to have and to hold the aforesaid trac or parcel of land with all its apprentenances unto the said _________Weland and her heirs, to the sole use and behoof of her the said Keziah Weland and her heirs forever. And the said Saml. Ewing atty. for Hugh Mcclung and their heirs  doth convenant with the said Keziah Weland and her heirs that the said tract or parcel of land with all and singlualr it appuntenaces unto the said Keziah Weland and her heirs against the claim or claims of all person whatsoever shall and will forever de fend.

In witness whereof the said Sam. Ewing atty. for Hugh
McClung have hereunto subscribed his name and affixed
his seal the day and year first above written
Saml. Ewing (seal)
atty. for Hugh Mcclung
DEED BOOK 4 1806-1843
taken 28 Sept. 2001

July 26, 1817 Recieved from Francis Wayland $5.62 cents in full for the redemption of a taxed land containing thirty five and a fourth acres lying in the county of Scott on the waters of Clinch river, _______delinquent in the name of John Gibson for this non payment of the ______taxes in the year 1812 twenty nine acres of which was sold to George George of Scott County for the amount of the taxes ____ ______ remaining unpaid as appears from the statement of the thereoff in the year 1816 recorded in the Clerks Office of our said county court Taxes and Damages $ 0 037 Fee for publishing sheriffs exec 0 25 Executing and recording deed and ____ 2 93 Interest thereon nc 50% per acesson 3 214 93  Taxes for by commisoner 76 taxes charged the purchancer 3/4
4 98 3/4
Clerks for and commissoner 5.62 3/4



Mary Brook may have remarried after Richard died.