Atlanta Constitution

July 21, 1901


North Carolina's Croatans, who claim to be descendants pf Raleigh's lost colony are not the only peculiar people among the red inhabitants of theseUnited States. The claim is not new it has been more or less exploited these thirty years, along with that of the still more curious Melungeons of East Tennessee.  Their name, said to come from the French melange, a mixture, must be pre-eminently fit, since they show racial characteristics of the Cherokees, the negroes, the Portugese, and the plain, ordinary poor whites.
Their language is as mixed as their blood, and their civilization is in somewhat the same condition.
Over against them set their neighbors, the Eastern Cherokees, who live in Qualla boundary in western North Carolina, and are so up-to-date they have formed themselves into a regular corporation, so as to share in the government benefits which were in danger ot monopoly by the, rich and out-reaching western Cherokee nation.