Hancock County, Tenn-1850

Kisiah Gipson    30    Female    TN  [ Born 1820]
Wallis Gipson    13    Male        TN
Amlis  Gipson    11    Male        TN
Roley Gipson        9   Male        TN
Milla Gipson          6   Female   TN
Parriade                1   Female    TN

Who is this Kisiah Gibson?  Could she possibly be the 100 year old Kissiah that died in Magoffin County in 1921 - parents Jasper Gibson and Mary Hudson?

16 year old Kezziah appears to be living with her parents in 1850 in Floyd County, Kentucky


  • Brison Gibson 65
  • Francis Gibson 60
  • Kessah Gibson 16 (Kezziah)
  • Hezekiah Gibson 14
  • Dicy Gibson 12
  • Jefferson Gibson 10
  • Ira Gibson 25
  • Francis Gibson 19
  • Ogima Gibson 23
  • Mary Gibson 20


    1860 Not Found

     1870  Magoffin County

    Kiziah Gibson  age 40  [Born 1830]
    Isaac   19  (son of Kiziah -- later uses Murphy)
    Fanny    100 
    Kezziah is living next door to Jeffrey Gibson, her nepew, son of her brother, Tyre Gibson who died when he was young.
    If 100 year old Fanny Gibson is Kezziah's mother then the death date of 1867 that Kezziah gave on her ECA is incorrect.
    Fanny's age is 60 in 1850 and 50 in 1860 - clearly discrepancies in Fanny Gibson.  Could the 100 year old Fanny be Kezziah's grandmother?

    Cissia Gibson in Household of Henry and Emily Gardner as 'servant'

    Isaac who is going by Murphy now

  • Isaac Murphy 30
  • Marry Murphy 24
  • Logan Murphy 9
  • Rosia Murphy 7
  • Frank Murphy 3
  • Jane Murphy 2


    Magoffin County-1900

    Harvey Porter    Sept 1871
    Rosa            April 1874      wife
    Pearlie        Aug 1892    dau
    Clarence     Jan 1895    son   
    Nellie         Jan 1897    dau
    Julia        Jan 1897    dau
    Kessire Gibson     Apr 1824    grandmother

    Magoffin County-1910
    Mariar Murphy
    Jeff Murphy        27 son
    Dulcina                21  dau
    Isaac                   18  son
    Hobart Blair          4 grandson
    Curtis                       grandson
    Kessire Gibson      90 mother in law   Va [Born 1820]


    Kezziah's son, Isaac Murphy was killed by his illegitimate son Logan Murphy in 1891. Mariah [Cornwell] was Logan's stepmother, his mother was said to have been institutionalized and Logan was left on his father's doorstep. the argument was said to have started over a stolen turkey with Logan shooting and killing his father. No attorney in Magoffin County would defend him and the case was moved to another county. He was found guilty and sentenced to be hung but won an appeal for another trial. While awaiting his second trial in the Mt Sterling jail he stabbed and killed another prisoner. He was taken from the jail and hung in Montgomery County.

    Magoffin County-Salyersville -1920
    Isaac Murphy    28
    Cassia        28
    Orivlle         4
    Troy         2
    Kizzie Gibson     98  grandmother  [Born 1822]

    Aunt of 31695 and claims through the same source

    [31695 is Christina Cole, daughter of Hezekiah Gibson]

    How old are you [1837] born in Tennessee

    Are you married No

    To what tribe of Indians does he or she belong? Cherokee

    Father and Mother; Bryson Gibson and Fannie Gibson

    Where were they born?
    Father; in Virginia or Tenn
    Mother; '' ''

    Where did they reside in 1851 Don't know [Hezekiah/Kiah Gibsons
    application says they lived in Morgan Co., Ky.]

    Father died 1865
    Mother died 1867

    Brothers and sisters
    Tyra Gibson
    Polly Gibson
    Dice Gibson
    Alex Gibson
    Betty Gibson
    Ava Gibson
    Burl Gibson
    Kiah Gibson

    State English and Indian names of your grandparents
    Thomas Gibson
    Polly Gibson

    August 23rd, 1907

    Personally appeared T. J. Arnett and J. J. Pace who being duly sworn
    on oath depose and say that they are well acquainted with Kizziah


    Kiziah Gibson being duly sworn and examined, deposed and says;

    My name is Kizziah Gibson; I was born in Wise Co/Va., in 1836  I claim my Cherokee blood thru both my father and mother.  I think my father was bron in Wise Co., Va., about 1785; he died in 1870;  in 1835 I and my father and mother lived in Wise Co., Va.  In 1851 I and the ancestors thru whom [I claim] lived in Floyd Co., Ky.  In 1835 the grandparents thru whom I claim lived in Wise Co., Va. In 1835 my parents and grandparents thru whom I claim lived among the Cherokees in Wise Co., Va.  I don't know whether they lived as members of the tribe or not; none of the ancestors thru whom I claim were ever held in bondage; none of the ancestors thru whom I claim were ever enrolled that I know of and ever received any money or land as an Indian; none of my ancestors ever had an Indian name that I know of;

    I never heard my grandparents say how much Indian blood they had; they always told us that we belonged to the Cherokee generation.  my father was a voter.  In the community I have always been regarded as having Cherokee Indian blood.

    Kizziah Gibson

    SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this 29th day of July, 1908 at Salyersville, Ky.

    Kezziah or Kizzie Gibson filed application in 1908 and gives her dob as 1837
    born in Tenn. In 1900 she is living with Harvey and Rosa Porter,
    grandmother born in Apr 1824. In 1910 she is living with daughter in law Mariah Murphy and in 1920 she is
    living in the household with Isaac and Cassie Murphy as grandmother age 98.  So this must be her death certificate;

    Death Certificate KESIRE GIBSON
    Magoffin County
    July 9, 1921
    female, white, widowed
    born July 1, 1821-  Virginia


    Buried May Cemtery  July 10, 1922
    Undertaker; Patrick Prater

    This has to be Kezziah... was Bryson's middle name Jasper? Was Mary Hudson
    his first wife?

    In the place of 'Informant' it is blank.-- Someone guessing?


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