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The Melungeon Indians

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Another manufactured history of the familes who were called Melungeons has been published.  While it is rife with errors and misrepresentations your average Joe American has little or no knowledge at all of these 'Melungeons.' 


The legend of their history, which they carefully preserve, is this.  A great many years ago, these mountains were settled by a society of Portuguese Adventurers, men and women,  who came from the long-

shore parts of Virginia, that they might be freed from the restraints and drawbacks imposed on them by any form of government.  These people made themselves friendly with the Indians and freed as they were from every kind of social government, they uprooted all conventional forms of society and lived in a delightful Utopia of their own creation."  

The Melungens

Newman's Ridge  1848



Melungeon DNA Projects

DNA - Why it Won't Work

A Scientific Researcher's View

"That leaves mitochondrial and Y-chromosome tests. Regrettably, neither will work to solve the Melungeon mystery.  They simply can not determine Melungeon ethnicity even in properly selected subjects."  Read Here


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Whole Indian Nations have melted away like snowballs in the sun before the white man's advance. They leave scarcely a name of our people except those wrongly recorded by their destroyers. 

~Dragging Canoe   1776



Research Projects

These are the projects I am working on currenty, would appreciate any help.

Melungeons, Redbones & the Croatan

Valentine Gibson & His Siblings

Genealogies of the Pee Dee Families




This Website is not associated with Jack Goins or the Melungeon Historical Society and does not subscribe to their 'old school' ideas which is based on outdated research, most of which has been proven to be false


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by Joanne Pezzullo 


Identity of Robeson County Indians Traced By Scientist

John Swanton

From The Robesonian - Jul 13, 1933
A colonial census in 1754 was found which told of a lawless people living at the headwater of the Little Peedee who had possesed themselves of land without patent and without paying any quit rents. 

 "They presumably were recognized as whites at that time, but there is little doubt that they really were the ancestors of the present day Croatans," was the statement of the findings Read Here


Hamilton McMillan

Malungeons, Redbones and Croatans

Letter to McDonald Furman  October 12, 1889

The tribe once stretched from Cape Fear to Pee Dee and the Redbones of your section are a part of the tribe as are the "Melungeons" of East Tennessee. The French immigrants callled the half breeds Melange or Mixed and the term evidently has been changed to "Melungeons". Read Here

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