--The Republic: a monthly magazine, devotedd to the dissemination of political information -  1873


A special force of twenty five mounted men, with several deputy marshals and collectors and a United States Commissioner, under command of Major Jacob Wagner, from Arlington, Virginia made an extensive raid on illicit distillers in the mountains on the Tennessee and west Virginia border last week. The principal localities visited were Newman's Ridge and Blackwater Valley, lying just south of Powell's mountain and 14 miles north of Rogersville, Tenessee. the inhabitants there, known by the local name of "Malunjins" are a mixture of whites, blacks and Indians, were "bushwhackers" for plunder during the war, and are now engaged in illicit distilling and other lawless pursuits. It was supposed they would fight, as on several former occasions revenue officers were driven off by them. The force was armed with Springfiled breech loaders, and made a clean sweep, completely destroying sixteen distilleries, with contents, large quantieies of mash, beer, low wines, and whisky. Eight distillers, aremed with carbines, muskets and rifles were surprised at the distillery of a desperate character, named Mullins, and arrested before they could use their arms. recent heavy rains rendered it necessary for the force to swim the large streams.