Denton Journal
August 20, 1927

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Gridley Herald
August 17, 1927

Alma Enterprise
March 16, 1928


The Melungeons, a race of people said to be living in the mountains of east Tennessee, are supposed to be an offshoot of the so-called "Croatan Indians" of North Carolina. The name Melungeons is probably from the French "melange," meaning mixed. They are of mixed Indian, white and negro blood, acording to ethnologist, although the original admixture of blood occurred centuries ago and the history of these people is obscure. The Melungeons, who in general resemble Indians more than negroes or whites, refuse to be classed as negroes and refuse to attend negro schools and churches. At the same time they are socially ostracized by the whites. Although they are as dark as mulattoes, their hair is straight. For the most part, the Melungeons are farmers. 1