The North Carolina Booklet: Great Events in North Carolina History 
Martha Helen Haywood, Hubert Haywood,
Mary Hilliard Hinton, E. E. Moffitt,
General Society of the Daughters of the Revolution North Carolina Society.

Croatan; a so-called group of Indians, living mainly in Robeson County. James Mooney, the noted expert, who is regarded as the finest authority on Indian history, says the theory that the Croatan are descended from the "Lost Colony" of Roanoke Island is baseless. Mr. Mooney has spent much of his life in North Carolina, studying these matters, and was here in 1916. He says the Croatan "embrace the blood of the wasted native tribes, the early colonists or forest rovers, runaway slaves and other negroes, and that of a steady stream of the Latin races from coasting vessels in the West India and Brazilian trade.
" The Croatan applied for recognition by the United States as Cherokee, but it was denied and the Cherokee acknowledge no relationship, having visited the Croatan country on a tour of inspection. There is a queer offshoot of the Croatan known as "Malungeons," in South Carolina, who went there from this state ; another the "Redbones," of Tennessee. Mr. Mooney has made a careful study of both of these branches also.

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