[Feb 1761 Deed: William Eckhols, Jr., and wife Rachel, to Moses Hendrick, all of
Halifax County, for £19, 222 acres in Halifax County on Polecat Creek where
said Moses now lives, adjoining Hugh Moore’s line–being a patent to Hugh
Miller, who conveyed to said Eckhols... /s/ William Eckhols, Jr. Wit: Joseph
Collins, William Marchbanks, Owen Brady. (Halifax County, VA, Deeds
3:32 ]

between ELIZABETH BUNCH of the County of Henry and State of Virginia of the
one part, and PETER HUNTER of Rockingham, State of North Carolina of the
other part - Witnesseth that the said Elizabeth Bunch doe bind & by these
presents have bounded WILEY BUNCH, a child of the said Elizabeth Bunch unto
the said Peter Hunter to serve him the said Peter Hunter his heirs or
assigns to the age of 21 years, and the said Peter Hunter covenant grant to
& with the said Elizabeth Bunch and her assigns that the said Peter Hunter
will find & provide for the said child during his said servitude sufficient
drink, washing, clothing & lodging, teach or cause him to be taught to read
and to instruct him in the Christian religion and to learn the said Wylie
Bunch plantation business.  The said Wylie Bunch was born December the 24th
1792, as witness my hand the day & year first above written.
                                        Elizabeth (her X mark) BUNCH

Sealed & Delivered in the presence of:
Zachariah KING
John (his X mark) HUNTER

1778 - William Moore  100 acres both sides Buffalo Branch of Mayo

1779 - Lambert Dodson  228 acres below in fork of Mayo on Virginia line joining Joel Gibson including improvement of Thomas and Esau Gibson.

Joel Gibson on Buffallo Creek and Mayo - Champ Gibson on Hickory Creek and Mayo and Crooked Creek in upper right hand corner in Henry County is where George Gibson had land in 1772, probably from Lambert Dodson.

North Carolina Abstracts of State Grants

March 1, 1780 - Joel Gibson  282 acres on north side of Mayo join Philip Angelin

March 1, 1780 -  Lambeth Dodson    228 acres below and in fork of Mayo joining Virginia line  Both sides of S fork opposite land of Joel Gibson.

March 1, 1780 -  Champ Gibson 300 acres on both sides of Hicory Creek of Mayo River joining Alexander Lyell and both sides of (several) creeks.

March 1, 1780 - James Brison 400 acres on the south side of Mayo river joining the sd river below the Mouth of Buffaloe Creek, both sides of (several) branches, and both sides of the sd Creek Opposite (land) of Joel Gibson and Andrew Gibson.



Charles Moor and Zachariah King  -  both witness to will of Thomas Gibson in Henry County, Virginia in 1780 along with Champ and Joel Gibson.  Peter Hunter  -      
Rockingham County -- Here